White labeling, also known as private labeling, is when a service removes its branding and logo in favor of the customer’s. We represent your organization and utilize its branding. You add your fee or percentage to ours, and we both receive compensation.


Your company directs customers seeking search engine optimization, digital marketing, or a new website to our company or w manage the relationship and we do the work. Your commission fee (often between 15 and 20 percent) is added to our service charge.

The procedure for becoming a partner is relatively simple. The process begins with a simple conference call during which we learn about your company and introduce ourselves.


Then, we offer you a one-page partner agreement that safeguards your interests by guaranteeing payment and terms and prohibiting us from contacting your clients.


You are under no obligation to send us to work or to meet any minimum sales requirements. Our work speaks for itself, and many companies employ us more frequently than anticipated.

We strive to establish a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with your IT Company. We sign an agreement prohibiting us from seeking or poaching your consumers.

We recommend having a brief discovery call with your customer, and we have them fill out a questionnaire to we can learn more about their company.


This is to gain a deeper understanding of their website project to 1) ensure that the website packages you offer are suitable for them and 2) determine which package is ideal for them.

Yes, we require that you meet a few operating systems and PHP version criteria to meet our security standards.

Many web developers do not offer ongoing SEO services. Thus it is not uncommon for us to take on clients whose websites we did not create. Occasionally, the site may have security vulnerabilities or other issues that must be addressed before we can be effective. We will accept it if the website fits most of our requirements.

There are two common approaches that we refer to as partner and affiliate:


Partner Billing: We will offer you a quotation for the job, which you may then mark up. When the project begins, you pay 50 percent of the sum we quoted, and when it is complete, you pay the remaining 50 percent. You retain the remainder. We frequently provide suggested markups, but you are not required to implement them.


Affiliate billing: We bill the client on your behalf and forward payment to you. In general, partners in this program can receive 10% of a project’s worth. For this program, an I-9 is required.